Friday, January 10, 2014

Take me back to Central Time Zone

Last night, my oldest kiddo, Zach, was at the studio getting his songs mixed. He lives in the central time zone, I wish we did, it's my favorite time zone. What a difference that one hour makes, especially when it's 1:10 here and a little after midnight there. That's when the phone rang...some time in the middle of the night...he was excited that his song was complete...he was living on adrenaline, college student night owl life....and momma was really a sleep like a rock asleep.  So daddy did the talking. Central time zone, maybe that should be the title of his next song...

Finally, I shook off the sleep, and was able to listen to his finished song. It's a free download on reverbnation. He's excited, and we are too. It's one of his originals. And it's country.
It's nice to see and hear all those music lessons, camps, countless practices, rehearsals, and performances from all these years as well as  almost four years of college education at work.
Earlier this month I posted more of my Zach photos.

 Emily sings background vocals, I think they sound awesome. Can't wait to see what God has planned around the corner.

Today I am linking up with my favorite photographer and bloggy friend, Lisa for Favorite Photo Friday at The Long Road to China.

the long road

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