Saturday, January 4, 2014


Karlie's turn!
Karlie's school had a winter formal last night. 
Earlier in the week we took a lot of photos in her dress. 
Karlie likes sparkles.
 And this dress definitely had the sparkle and glitz.

 Karlie is beautiful
 inside and out.
Quiet, with a touch of
She's a great big sister...very patient, and loyal.
Karlie, we are so thankful that GOD blessed us with you.
 Karlie rode to the dance with our carpool friend and classmate, Isabella and some of her friends that attended the dance as well. Isabella's  brother wanted to photobomb so bad, so I let him on one picture, but not the other..
Here they are ready for the winter formal, on probably one of the coldest nights in over 20 years.

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