Thursday, January 2, 2014


I am updating the blog, one kid at a time. Today is Shek's turn. He is our family comedian, athlete, and all around fun guy. I told him that I wanted him to come outside so I could take his photos for a blog update. He asked what to wear, I told him to put on his favorite athletic wear and come on. He said that was easy, because he was wearing it...he proceeded to walk like a run way model until I threatened to capture that on camera.

 He is wearing his Tim Tebow Jersey, A Mississippi State Cap and let's don't forget the nike socks. You can't see the nike socks in the photo, but if you were here, he'd be happy to tell you about the socks. I do believe that his socks were his favorite Christmas gift of all time.
 Did I mention he is a comedian? 

 This is his GQ look, or JC Penney Catalog look.
 Big Smiles...and a Deep Voice

 There he is....and he would say the favorite...I would say the favorite 3rd born.
 The Shekster a fan of many sports and teams...
 Auburn is probably his #1 favorite college team. Because you know, Dad went to school there. 

 He said get some action I tried to get a few. 
 He likes basketball, and football, but he loves Tennis.
 This year, he decided he wanted a MS State cap. I think because they actually had a good season, he decided he would support his momma's almamater. I pointed out to him that he had on both Auburn and MS State attire, He says," House divided Mom." 
We are not really divided. We say, War Eagle and Hail State.
But on the days that Auburn plays State
It gets loud in this house.
Shek was a good sport about having a little photo shoot for his mom. All I have to say is I need to do a post about you on the blog...and I usually get willing participants.

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  1. He is a very handsome young man! Great pictures!


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