Friday, June 22, 2012

A Berry Good Day for Berries and Pies

Today my friend Shannon's girls came over to play for the day. 
We decided that since it was such a pretty day, we might just pick some berries in the front yard.
Yep! We found some berries.
We looked high and low and picked every ripe berry we could find.
 We knew we needed at least 4 cups of berries for 2 we were desperate to find all the ripe ones. AND we kept a watchful eye for snakes that could be lurking, but did not see any, Praise. The. Lord!
It was such a beautiful morning to pick berries with friends.
 Yes! Jolie had to pick berries with her lipgloss!
Look at all those feet in the berry patch, even one in a cast, but that cast didn't slow her down.
We headed home with buckets and bags of berries.. 
We decided on our way back to the house that we really needed to make those pies...

With a little help from Pioneer Woman's cookbook  and her website we made a list for the ingredients we needed and headed to the store to get them.
Before heading to the store, we always tell dad bye, when he's working from home. Jolie told me that I couldn't kiss dad bye, because it was her turn. I snapped this photo really quick...and got my bye sugar when she wasn't looking.

When we got home with the ingredients we started to work. We made the crust from scratch.
I found every rolling pin I own, and put the kids to work. Shek and "K" even recited the roll it, pat it and mark it with a B nursery rhyme. They were having a fun time laughing, giggling and rolling dough.
Jolie thought this was "play dough" play to the extreme...
Look! I really was there, supervising.
Chelsea was awesome at rolling out a thin top crust for the pies. She even got fancy with it and used some cookie cutters for a little extra cuteness for our pies.
Karlie was snapping photos and slicing butter for the pie.
ta-da! pie number 1 complete.
I told ya she got fancy with it, this one has mickey faces.
Pie Aftermath! Fun is usually messy.
Here's the cooling pies. I heard more than once, "When can we eat some?"  Finally,we scarfed down one whole pie,and it was finger lickin' good,to quote Col. Sanders, if we do say so ourselves.
My berry pickin' pie bakin' crew.
We had a Berry good time today.
I am Participating in Favorite Photo Friday at
The Long Road to China and back...

My favorite photo is the one with all the kids' feet with the berries. I did nothing fancy with my photos, it was just a special fun day with friends and family that was just too special not to share with others. I love making sweet memories with family and friends.


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! My girls had such a good time and I can see that was evident! It was a great day with friends I'm only sorry I couldn't be there! Love ya!



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