Friday, June 1, 2012

Jolie turns 3

June 1st is Jolie's birthday celebration and we celebrated last night because big sis had oral surgery this morning. This is Jolie's 2nd birthday with us. A lot has changed in a year. Last year, she didn't get the whole birthday thing, but she has figured it out, and has actually been planning it for a while. SHE loves Cinderella, and insists that Cinderella is me. (SO funny) but hey that's the sweetest thing and if she wants to think her momma is Cinderella and a princess, I'll take that. SO when baby girl wanted a Cinderella birthday cake, I set out to find her one. AND do you know I could n't find a bakery that could make it? Publix could make their barbie one, but could not stick the Cinderella doll in it because it was not 'their' doll. I did the only thing I could do, I called my mom and we set out to make one ourselves. After a few mishaps in the process, we finally had a finished product. We discovered after 5 hours of baking this Cinderella cake, that The Cake Boss is not how God gifted us, but Jolie was pleased and that's what counted.

Jolie posing by the cake

Jolie singing happy birthday to me...
Jolie loved her cake..
Jolie said cinderella cake was yummy...I just think 5 hours of work and gone in 15 mins. LOL
 Jolie loves purple and butterflies..and has been wanting a necklace. Here's her purple butterfly necklace.
Happy Birthday, Jolie!!

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