Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer ICE

When I was a young girl, I wanted to own a snow cone business. I just knew I could make a ton o' money selling snow cones in the Hot Summer Mississippi Heat. I never had my little sno-cone shack,but to this  day, I still like to visit the occasional sno-cone shack when summer weather hits. My family loves the shaved ice too.

Personally, I still think I could make some $$$$ selling sno-cones. I have a new flavor idea to add to the menu SPARK flavored ice. Now what could be better than a little shaved ice with some energy and mental focus added to it....but I digress.

Since Karlie had oral surgery yesterday. She now sports a  little ' gold~chain' hanging on an exposed  front tooth connected to her braces. She's feeling like she has a GRILL for sure. Since her ordeal yesterday, we have catered to some things that she thinks she can eat AND Hawaiian shaved ice was on top of her list. This afternoon we headed down the road to the only sno-cone place we know of and ordered our favorites. We sat outside under the umbrella enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze and discussing which flavor really is best. AND you know me, I took a few photos. I instagrammed  till my battery went dead and then I simply borrowed Karl's phone and took more.

I may not have a fancy camera with a cool lens, but my iphone has instagram and a lot of cool collage apps. 

Jolie wanted her photo made with me. Just this morning, I heard her tell her daddy, " Momma is a princess around here, and Karlie is a princess and Jolie is a princess." Now, is that sweet or what?
My family loves green apple as their favorite, but not me. I am a vanilla ice girl every. single. time. Although I did branch out today,  I had half vanilla and half pina colada flavor.  Vanilla is still my favorite.
But Karl insists that green apple is the bomb...
Even Karlie loves green apple,but she is torn between two favorites and she orders half vanilla too. Jolie didn't really care what flavor she had as long as it was purple. So she had grape.
Karlie feels much better after having a little Hawaiian shaved ice
In fact, I think we all felt a little better after a little ice, EVEN though the debate continues over which is the best flavor. (it's vanilla!)
What flavor would you choose?

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  1. I'm a blue coconut or pina coloda person. I haven't had shaved ice in years, it does sound good.


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