Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take me out to the ball game...

Take me out to the ball game...that's where we've been for the past few months, as we watched the guys at the church rec league grow together as a team. Each week the team learned to work as a team, improved their skills and learned more about Jesus.

Last night was the celebration service for the end of baseball season. The celebration service highlighted videos and photos of all the teams, an illusionist who shared his testimony about Jesus, lots of cheering for the teams,  and a farewell to the rec minister, Jason.

The last game in the dugout..
1-2-3 WIN
After the big presentation in the church sanctuary, each team is dismissed to a classroom for a chance to receive trophies and enjoy  refreshments and fellowship. Coach Chad had some encouraging words for each player as he handed out the trophies, photos and stats.
This awesome cake was created by Donna with each player's name on top.
One last time....
1-2-3 Orioles...
This celebration service was  bittersweet, as this sweet family has accepted a call to another church in another state. Pastor Jason and his family will be greatly missed by the community and his church as he was dynamic in bringing community and church together sharing the love of Jesus through sports for the past 6 years. 
I will end this post as Jason always ends his prayers before a game
In Jesus' Name we pray and
in Jesus' Name we play...

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