Monday, June 18, 2012

My doctor is a rockstar.

Today we headed to the Children's Hospital so that Jolie could have a little dental surgery completed under anesthesia.  I told her on the way that she was going to have that tooth fixed, the one that she points to all. the. time. and says, "It hurts, momma!" 
This is a iphone photo snapped on the way. Jolie does not really perk up until after 9 am. This photo was taken shortly after 8. She's not too thrilled about being up dressed complete with a hair bow and NO breakfast. BUT one can't have anything after midnight and she completely slept through her last chance for clear liquids at 730 am even though we started offering juice at 7 am.... We left earlier than we really needed to because you just never know about the traffic and parking at the hospital is pretty hairy too. On the way, the day surgery nurse called and asked if we could come sooner because there had been a cancellation, she was thrilled when I told her we were already on the way.

She sat in my lap in the waiting room for just a few mins. We arrived at 851. AND just as if an alarm 9, she hopped down and went to play with the toys in the waiting area. BUT just in a few moments they called us back, and soon we were changing her into her gown, and she was taking the 'I don't care meds', she didn't like the taste and was holding it in her mouth.

WHERE's Jolie?
peek a boo...
someone is having fun

The last time she had surgery back in September for cleft palate repair...the "i don't care meds" had not completely kicked in and she was quite aware that she was being taken away from me...I. did. not. one bit....but today...she was zonked out almost completely when they came to wheel her back. She was smiling and telling the nurse staff that she was from China. She was very excited to see a Chinese-American nurse as well...
When she got back to me, she wanted to be held and was excited about the apple juice and the purple band aids.  All the nurses bragged on what a great patient she was. Her doctor is a rock star, not because his last name is Bonjovi but because her surgery went by so smoothly and quickly. The first thing she asked for was Shek and then Karlie. She rode out in a wheel chair, but was sure to pause us by the gift shop telling us that she wanted the hello kitty pillow that she saw in the window. She has a hawk-eye for hello kitty stuff even when being half-zonked out on anesthesia meds. I told her we would get one at Target some time soon. 

I think the most traumatic thing of the whole ordeal was having to take out the hello kitty earrings and then putting them back in. She also doesn't like the funny feeling of the new filled teeth and has had me brush her teeth once and she has brushed them a second time. I think she thinks brushing will wipe away that funny feeling.
Baby girl was very hungry and gobbled down some wonton soup and fried rice...she is now relaxing in daddy's lap watching none other than Cinderella.

I am glad we are back home. We are praising the Lord that it went so smoothly ...thanks for the prayers.

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