Saturday, June 16, 2012

a list of 21THINGS because 20 is just not enough

1. Today is our 22nd anniversary.

2.  I have now lived the same amount of years in my current State as I lived in my homestate.
3. Last night was my first experience at the drags. Jolie's and Karlie's too. Jolie said this is AWESOME!

4. Enjoyed the races, just not the crazy people, and their cigarette smoke.
5. Smoke free areas should be everywhere including the race track.
6. Shirts should never be optional for men or women.
7. Jolie's hometown,Wuhan,China, was enveloped with a yellow mysterious fog.

8. No one can explain the fog, or at least they don't want to. I have been to that crane tower in the foggy background in this photo.
9. Zach is all 'orientated' for Belmont. Class schedule complete.

10. Jolie has dental surgery on Monday, and charmed everyone at Preop. This photo snapped when we'd had enough of the wait.
Having fun yet???
11. Driver's Education does not necessarily mean that an instructor teaches you how to drive from scratch.
12. I have seen too many snakes during my exercise treks through neighborhoods lately.
13. 1 snake is 1 too many.

14. I think Christians should not look or act like the rest of the world.
15. Shek lost his wallet, and hounded me constantly asking me where it was.
16. I found the wallet; it went through the wash. He then hounded his dad to take him to the store.

17. Karlie, Jolie and I would like a  pool or for someone to say "Hey, Go use our beach home."
18. I have a hankering to travel, especially when we pass the airport and I see the planes taking off.
19. Karl is taking me to the big city for an anniversary date.

20. VBS was great this week. Karlie and I helped in the same class.

and lastly...

21. School starts after labor day,at least our school year anyway...that's what I'm talking about!

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