Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Mayberry Moment

Yesterday I received a text from the hubster that said Andy Griffith had died. I gasped when I heard the news. After all, I grew up in a place like Mayberry and miss those days of a slower more laid back lifestyle. Everyone has been reflecting on Andy Griffith, and one facebook friend said we should all make some time to enjoy one another and slow down a little. Kind of reminds of the Andy Griffith show called, "what's ya hurry?"

So today after all of the 4th of July Celebrations we took a few moments to unplug and enjoyed the one another's company on the back porch. We even enjoyed some of the leftover homemade icecream, and Jolie enjoyed a coca-cola. When I realized that we were having a rare Mayberry moment I grabbed the camera and took a photo or 2.

 Shek swinging on the porch.
We all need to take a few minutes and laugh with one another.
Sweet sisters swinging high on the porch swing. Will have to do this again soon, only next time will get Zach to bring out his guitar and we can sing a few songs....
Take a moment and return to a Mayberry State of will do us all a world of good if we would.


  1. What a great time spent with family!!! XO

  2. What a wonderful post. Thank you for this! I want to make this a habit in our lives. :)


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