Sunday, July 29, 2012

memories of a sweet horse

2ach drove his dad's old nissan pickup for a while before we surprised him with this mustang.This car had been a babied  by an older gentlemen for about 10 years. New, pristine and low miles  was how we found this car when he got it the summer before his senior year. He took great care of the car.

During his commutes to and from college everyday for the past 2 years, he knew it was time to get something with better gas mileage and the ability to haul musical equipment. SO, on craig's list it went. This morning, 2 guys were headed to purchase it, and he did not want to be here when it was sold. He's excited about finding another car, but this sweet mustang was special to him...I know I will miss hearing the exhaust...I always knew when he was driving into the garage...that rumble could be heard from the top of the drive and we have a long driveway.

Knowing that the days were numbered, 2ach and his younger brother took the car to the drag race show and shine at the Atlanta Motor Speedway...and he was excited to win 3rd place in show and shine and the boys got a ticket to drive around the track. They were thrilled to say the least.

At the show!

3rd Place

Exciting times with the mustang,...great memories for him, bittersweet to see her go.

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