Friday, July 13, 2012

Can we just go somewhere...

This sweet girl has been waiting patiently for a car to drive.  Being 4 ft 10 inches, my large Titan pickup is somewhat intimidating to  a beginning driver. We've been looking for sometime for just the right car and believe me, WE have looked high and low. My hubby and I have checked every ad for affordable used cars for a while now. Since cra2ed list from craig's list has be disabled, Karl even made an app  to locate specific types of cars, mileage etc. I just wish he could have made the app to separate the crooks from the honest folks. :)

This is a fun car to drive. 
 We are excited to finally find a nice safe car for Karlie to drive. I hope Karlie has many happy and safe years driving this car.

the long road

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  1. SO SO happy for her and happy driving!!! Blessings!


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