Friday, July 6, 2012


"Just ease out of the seat and run and get Honey, don't make any sudden moves, and do not start screaming as soon as you get out of the buggy." warned Lovey.

The lil hustler

Seeing the diamond back rattler coiled up, hissing and shaking it's rattlers was quite an adrenaline rush. One false move, one lurch, one bark from the dog, and the rattler only a foot away from the front tire would have struck. Lovey held the dog with one hand, and the 2 stick controllers with the other. Martha eased out of the buggy, slowly and carefully. Reaching the top of the hill, she broke in a  run. Not following  Lovey's warning immediately  she yelled, "Honey, Honey..." and yelled all the way to the cabin.

Finally reaching the cabin porch where Honey was working on the fishing tackle box, Martha was out of breath. Gasping, she said, "RattleSNAKE! Lovey said get the gun and come quick!" Honey grabbed the gun, loading it as she ran.

Right on her heels,and still panting from the run, the girl chattered away to her grandmother,
"It's a big snake, it's coiled up and hissing, Lovey has Ready by the collar so she won't move, he's keeping the buggy steady with the other hand. He said to hurry. It's the biggest snake ever, and it's really close to Lovey's side of the buggy!" Reaching the edge of the barn,  Honey turned back to her granddaughter commanding, "Stay back!" Honey saw Lovey holding the dog with a death grip, as well as steadying the buggy on a down hill slope. Under his straw cowboy hat, his eyes were locked fiercely on the snake. In just moments, the sound of Honey's gun fired, not once but 3 times. When Honey kills a snake, she unloads a gun, and nothing is left of the snake.
Lovey with "Ruff and Ready"

After recounting the adventure to one another,everyone breathed a sigh of relief.There were still chores to do, and the cows still needed to be fed.  Honey decided she would go and check on the cows too, and bring the gun just in case. Her theory is where's there's one snake there's bound to be another.
 Honey with some of the cows.

 When I was girl, there were lots of fun,exciting, and wild exploits with my grandparents, Honey and Lovey. 

This is based on one of the many adventures of my childhood.

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