Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life is better lived in flip-flops

Friday evening we hit the trail toward the beach. We were headed to get a car we found on Craig's list. We planned to stick our toes in the Atlantic on the way back and grab some delicious seafood at one of our favorite spots and then head home. The car ended up being a NO...but the road trip was a nice consolation prize. As always I could be found behind my phone camera and my real camera.

Every time I see a shrimp boat, I think bubba gump.  I snapped this photo off the St. Simon's Pier.

I love lighthouses. 

I think I could live at the beach an be on island time that's for sure...well, until a hurricane came!

I was born in a river town, where lots of moss hung from the trees. I love it.
These hot pink flowers were beautiful and were growing right by the pier. 
I snapped a few photos of my kids around those flowers. 
Jolie enjoyed the playground near the pier until we saw the dolphins swimming nearby...we ran to get a closer look.

Shek says he could really get used to the 'beach-life'

 I heard Jolie say, "I wanna hold Shek's hand."
Karlie by those pretty pink flowers.

 Snapped right outside our favorite St. Simons restaurant, Barbara Jean' those crab cakes. 
See the dolphins? We were excited. We saw lots of them swimming by the pier.
 The last time we were here, this bridge was not completed...yep, it's been too long!

 We headed over to jekyll was very crowded. Shek enjoyed trying his board thingy out. 
 Lots of the locals were giving him tips, but  none of them demonstrated for him.
 Someone was excited to wear her mermaid suit to the beach.
Karlie enjoyed the beach a lot, making sure that we ARE coming back for several days before the summer is over, right?

us minus the oldest...

This sign was in a store window. I had to snap a photo, but you know when you're at the beach...there's just no whining...because life is better lived in flip-flops.

*I snapped lots of photos yesterday until the batteries went dead, and I didn't bring the charger or extras since it was just a quick trip. I even snapped some 'people-watching' photos. One can see ALL and I do mean all at the beach. ;) 
I did use my canon camera for these photos, but did nothing special afterwards... just having fun.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Looks like you had a great adventure!

  2. I agree.... wish I could wear flip flops to work:))

    Looks like you had a beautiful evening!!
    Great photos.



  3. What a fun trip! Love St. Simon's and Jeckyl Island :)

  4. What a wonderful trip with your family!!! LOVE your photos and flip flops are the best!!! XOXO


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