Friday, July 27, 2012

Speech Pease...

Yesterday was our last speech therapy visit for a while. I snapped this photo with the iphone yesterday as Jolie and Ms. Jennifer were practicing their words by looking in a mirror.  Hopefully we will only go three weeks without speech. We reached visit 30 yesterday, and insurance covers 30 visits, but requires paperwork to be reviewed to see if the patient needs additional visits due to medical need.  Our wonderful speech therapist, Ms. Jenn, has submitted paperwork to our insurance company requesting more visits. PRAY with me, that we do indeed get more visits approved before the new year.

Jolie has come so far with speech therapy. She speaks in very long sentences and is easily understood until she gets to talking rapidly.  She loves Mrs. Jennifer, and includes her in her prayers every night. AND Jolie even requests to go to speech. Mrs. Jennifer smiles and says Jolie will have a very southern accent. We all laugh together because, she can't help but have a southern accent living with Shek and me. The others in the house are not as southern as we are. LOL   We were blessed to be referred to Mrs. Jennifer, because 90% of her patients are Chinese cleft palate girls. Is that wild or what!!

We should know in three weeks if the request for additional visits has been approved....until then I know I will hear Jolie say, "Can we go to speech,  peese!"

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