Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to Reality?

Today is our first day back to reality! Does that mean that we were living in some kind of fake world over the past couple of weeks since we've been on break? Whatever it was it was nice. Everyone was home, Karl took off vacation days to be home while we were on Christmas break, Zach was home almost a whole month. Our non-reality days were awesome. Today is our first day back to school. We've already completed most of the work for this week's homework due tomorrow. Zach's back to college, Karl's back to work. Back to reality?
Yesterday Zach packed up to go back to Nashville. 

Here we are telling him goodbye. Shek had a brave face while Zach was heading out. 
It's sad to see those tail lights head up the driveway. Shek lost it a few hours later, claiming he was cold and  frustrated. For a fellow that never cries, I knew it had something to do with his big bro. heading backt  to college. He knew there would be no more late nights watching movies or playing nascar games for a while. SO Dad took us all to the store to get our minds off of the 'back to reality' that we are all facing.

Now, when's the next break from reality? I think I'm ready!

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  1. Aww, reality stinks! :( Love seeing Shek love his older brother! ♥


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