Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Picture highlights of 2012

A photo is worth a thousand words, here's a few thousand words posted here in photos.

Last winter I got to pose for photos with my sweetie.
We celebrated our first Chinese New Year as a family.
These are some pretty hip merch. models for zachberrymusic
Zach was accepted in to Belmont University as a commercial voice major.
We enjoyed seeing Karlie in another fashion show by Pure Fashion. 
Enjoying a quick trip to Chattanooga
Shek enjoys a cupcake at Chattanooga cupcakes...looks like an advertisement.
Making blueberry pies is always fun when the berries are ripe on our bushes.
Jolie has a little dental surgery over the summer.
We love the beach.
We move the boy into his apartment at Belmont. First time he's lived away from home.
My kids pose as we visit with Zach in Nashville.
Shek loved being on an undefeated fall soccer team this year.
Our new favorite show, Duck Dynasty filmed in the same town where my Great Uncle lives.
Coke in the bottle only at Christmas
Our family is blessed, our cup runs over. 
God is good.
Happy New Year from the Berry Bliz Homestead to yours.


  1. What a great year in pics! Love the Si shirt :)

    1. I love all of the duck dynasty crew, but SI he's one of my favs.


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