Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Will run for chocolate?

This past Sunday morning, we woke up before the rooster crows and headed to the ATL for the HOT CHOC 5K. Shek and I signed up months ago for this race. It looked like fun, and the hoodie you get for running it was pretty cool. Karl snapped this photo of us as we waited to go into our corral. We had our AdvoCare products and were ready. I had  Spark,catalyst, O2Gold, and Arginine Extreme. Shek he had a Spark and rehydrate
At the end of the race, who did I see, but the hubster smiling at me. It was amazing out  of the zillions of people there I was able to spot him at the finish. We then got in a line and were given a finisher's mug of hot chocolate, a little fondue, some chocolate candy squares and a few things to dip in the chocolate fondue. It was actually a hot day for the race 70 ish degrees. We did not drink the hot chocolate, although it did look like the creamiest hot chocolate ever.

We ran into some friends at the race, and I was so thrilled to be done with the race, I didn't think to get our photos made with them. Maybe next time.

Isn't this a cute little mug. Baby girl got into the fondue when we brought it home. She had chocolate all over her. I found chocolate on her ankle. She was enjoying our finisher's mug.
These hoodies were in our goodie bags. We are wearing our hoodies today, it's actually cool enough today.

I think Shek is ready for the next 5k, but I think we need some new running shoes, Dad! hint hint!!

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