Friday, January 4, 2013

Jolie's cranio-team visit intsagrammed-- favorite photo Friday

Today was the annual visit to the Cranio-doctor team. The last time we had this team doctor appointment it took fah-evah!!  When I realized that our appointment was at 11:10 am and on a Friday, that maybe just maybe, they would work fast to be done with us by lunch....and I was right, but at first we were off to a slow start. SO Jolie entertained herself by discovering the room and I entertained us both by taking photos. AND daddio, just watched us and chuckled.
She climbed on the examining table, and was fasinated by that paper on top.
She made herself comfortable and told us that she was going to take a nap on that "wrapping paper." She still has Christmas wrap on the brain.

She started posing here, and said, take my photo mom and POST it.  LOL

This was our last photo before the room filled up with the whole team at the same time. I was right, we were their last patient and they wanted to finish, YIPPEE. Jolie let them look in her mouth, answered their questions, and said all of the speech words for the therapist and surgeon. She's come a long way baby, with her participation with doctors checking her out. Praise the LORD. It was determined that she is doing good. We will continue with speech therapy and have a speech review in 3 months, we will see the dentist again in the summer, and see the surgeon in 1 year. Jolie will possibly have her next surgery around age 5 for nose revision and possibly lip and scar revision. Although he said her lip revision was really awesome.

After that big appointment baby girl said I want some chick  fil a ...and that's what she got!

the long road

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  1. as always, thanks to God for blessings!! hugs to your Mom!! Allison


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