Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look at them boots...

"Look at them boots" is a old family joke. It was originally used at my cousin's graduation. A country boy through and through, he wore cowboy boots under his Graduation gown instead of dress shoes. When his name was called and he walked to receive his diploma, one of his friends yelled loudly across the arena, "Look at them boots."
So when my hubby told Zach yesterday, "Hey, before you head back to school tomorrow, I want to go get you some boots. After all, you need some real boots if you're gonna be living in Nashville." Memories of 'Look at them boots,' replayed in my mind as we traveled to Horsetown. The store was full of boots. Zach said," I am overwhelmed. I have not had boots since kindergarten."

He tried on a few boots, and found the ones. He walked around a while and decided that they were indeed the boots.
 He definitely has a new swagger now.
Somebody, loves her big bro and she wants her own pair of cowgirl boots, too.
These boots
for walking.

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