Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you say ham?

I do believe I live with a whole family of 'hammy' kids. Where did they get these hammy characteristics? Karl and I are so quiet and laid back and all!  Jolie likes to model her clothes like her sister, I know she's gotten the model moves from watching Karlie.

Today she found her tutu skirt and had to put it on over her dress, then she found Karlie's high heel silver shoes and proceeded to prance around. So I snapped some photos  of her hamming it up with my iphone .

So, I leave you with a funny story that happened yesterday. I have already shared it with my great email friend. While at the Speech therapist yesterday, Ms. Jenn, noticed some spots on Jolie's tongue and thought I had better get it checked out. She thought she might have the very contagious hand, foot and mouth virus. SO I called the doc on the way home and they said to come on by. Since Jolie is now potty trained and she wears the big girl panties out in public, I knew that we had better go to the restroom upon our arrival. So we rushed in to the restroom, and lined the potty seat with paper. She hopped up there used the bathroom and then started to wash her hands. I cleaned up all the paper, dried her hands and we headed out of the restroom and walked across the very crowded waiting room. Jolie was following behind me. I made it back to our seat, and sat down. Then Jolie stood in front of me, looked down at her feet and then back at me and said to me,"MOMMA!" I looked at her and I had forgotten to help her pull up her panties, and leggins. I gasped, and all the other mommas chuckled at me. It wasn't too long and they called us back. I guess they wanted to get the potentially contagious little 'streaker' out of the waiting room.

Good news...she did not have hand foot and mouth...but geographic tongue totally harmless and it comes and goes and eventually goes away.

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  1. Jolie looks pretty precious in Karlie's heels!!!

    Funny, embarrassing potty story :) I'm sure there will be others!


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