Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~Belmont Bound

Ever since Zach knew a Belmont University existed it was his dream to one day to go to Belmont and and seek a degree in Commercial music~voice. He wanted to be close to home for the first two years, and was delighted to attend Point University as a commuter for his Freshman and Sophomore college years. There he has met wonderful friends, and great faculty that have been like family. He is especially close to his music professors and has learned a great deal from them that has helped prepare him in his goal to attend Belmont University.

First he had to be accepted to Belmont University! He sent in all of his transcripts and applications several months ago. He received his acceptance in early January. So glad he has maintained a high GPA and and remained on the Dean's List. Glad he takes after his dad in the grade department and not his mom. LOL Once accepted to Belmont, he could then proceed to audition for the school of music, which he did in late January. He even shared his dream with one of classmates, Hunter, and he too, decided to audition.

A letter of acceptance to the University

Once accepted to the university, he could proceed with his audition. He and his friend Hunter prepared  for weeks. The professors judging the auditon asked Zach, "Why Belmont?" and he said it had always been his dream to go there. After his audition they told him he had a lot of potential and a great voice and they were glad he auditioned. He was told that he would know something in about 3 weeks.
After three long weeks, which really turned into 4 weeks, the letter finally arrived. Zach had been calling home everyday during the time that the mail truck had usually already passed...and would you believe it, that whole week that he was waiting and stalking the mailbox, the mail was late 
every. single. day!

He liked how the folder says, "welcome home"...
The long awaited letter finally arrived and Zach called to see if the letter had arrived. He had not made it home yet. He had us open it and read the letter to him over the phone.


 This is a photo of THE letter and it says Congratulations on your approval as a commercial music major with a voice principle...
He wants to frame it!
Zach doing what he loves...

He called Hunter to see if he had gotten his mail yet, and of course, Hunter was not yet home, and he had to wait and wait until Hunter made it home and checked his mail. AND finally, Hunter made it home and read his mail and he too made it.
Hunter ripping up the keys.

We went to Outback on Saturday night to celebrate!!! The hard part was telling their friends and professors at Point that they would be transferring.
Signature Voices~Point University

Hunter and Zach are looking forward to attending Belmont in the fall. We are all proud of them, and are thankful that the Lord opened this door for them.
Zach and Hunter
Belmont Bound!!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Yay! Congrats to your very talented son!!! XOXO

  2. Awww, Congratulations!! How wonderful!! Know you must be so proud!! Belmont is beautiful!

  3. congrats are in order! amazing!! Good for him for sticking to his goals!

  4. Hooray! Congratulations to Zach! I am sure that you are all SO relieved to have an answer.



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