Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just 6 monkeys in need of a photograph

Taking a group shot of my monkeys can be a challenge sometimes...because

at least one or two of them might be active and wiggly...

Sometimes...the weather outside isn't sunny and inside photos are sometimes...boring...
Sometimes one of the family members is not home at the time of  the photo taking frenzy.

Dad is always ready...photogenic, eyes always open, etc etc etc.
But sometimes the momma of the bunch likes to shut her eyes when the camera snaps, and if she doesn't shut hers, her oldest daughter does....

Sometimes it's just easier to get snapshots of the family with one or two people in the shot. BUT before next week, we have to have 6, count em, 6 photos of Jolie with both her parents at the same time, siblings optional. It's time for the 12 month post placement report, and that means 6 photos of Jolie with her parents. It can't be Jolie with Dad, while mom takes the photo, and Jolie with Mom while Dad takes the photo. It's both of us while, one of the kids takes the photos or maybe the tripod. Although I love taking photos of the kiddos, getting photos of all of us in them at the same time, and looking decent is rare, so I've got a fun task ahead of me for this weekend. 
Photos of the family.
Somebody call a professional!

I'll post the results out takes and all!


  1. Great photos and I know you can get some great ones for report~ wish I lived close. I would shoot them for you!!! XO

    1. oh i wish you did too. then our kiddos could play together. My daughter reads your blog too, and when she realized where you lived, she said we should get the kids to meet one day.

  2. So, go out in the yard, to the park or somewhere and give the kids the phones and cameras and their assignment is to take a bunch of pictures of the three of you playing. Then snuggle together on the sofa and read a bedtime story and let them take pictures. Make it a contest to see who gets the best ones or something. :)


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