Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's no crying in baseball

Yesterday was a pretty was an awesome super de duper one should have been cooped up inside kind of day. So, after school and lunch, I sent Shek and Jolie outside to play so that Karlie and I could continue drilling in the geography facts for her test that she had to take today. We could hear them squealing and having fun. We knew they were really playing hard because Jolie had to come in for 2 band-aids.

 When we were finally done drilling geo. facts, I went outside. They were no longer on the swing set, but in the driveway, and this is how I found my baby girl! Dress shoes, skirt on, baseball glove and batting helmet. I had to rush back for the camera. 
 I asked Shek why Jolie had on the helmet, and he told me that in case he accidentally tossed the ball and hit her in the head he wanted her to have  protection...because
"There's no crying in baseball..." what movie is that line from??
 I even snagged an action shot of Shek catching a ball..he gave me the ultimate compliment. He said, "Mom you throw as good as dad!" As many of you know, in school, I signed up for band and choir to get out of PE., only to move to a school where that wasn't allowed and I had to take the dreaded PE for 1 year....I think when the PE coach saw my athletic abilities, she wished I would have been in both choir and band...

So for my boy to say I didn't throw half bad, that gave me some encouragement and made me try even harder...and I even caught a few too...there is something to be said about keeping your eye on the ball. I did  keep my eye on the ball in 7th grade PE...and ended up with a black eye. So I guess there is balance to that statement about keeping your eye on the ball!
Sweet Sibling Love
Sometimes Jolie would interrupt our little game of catch with the hula hoop...and we each had to do the hula to satisfy her. I am sad to say that I can't keep the hoop up as long as I used to when I was ten years old. I was a hula hooping queen back then...but oh well...I guess I should practice. 
Here's shek doing the hula hoop...there are no photos of the mom doing the hula, because after all, I am the photographer, right?

We are enjoying our beautiful days in the neighborhood..hoping your days are just as beautiful!

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  1. Hilarious about no pics of you hula hooping~ you haven't seen them of me either have you? LOL XOXO


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