Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Testimony Time

It's testimony time!

As many of you know, my hubby and I are super glad that we were introduced to AdvoCare a few months ago. The products have changed our quality of life. We have the pep back into our step, we are feeling good, and losing weight. Just this past weekend, Karl had to go to the doctor (he had an encounter with poison ivy, Yes, I know it's winter, but he is extremely allergic and just the idea of P.Ivy, will break him out). SO  he had to go to the doc for a shot before his arm rotted off! Of course he had to have his vitals taken and weight and all, not only had he lost 20 lbs, since his last visit, but his blood pressure was 111/79. Last time, the doc wanted to put him on meds for HIGH blood pressure. WOW!

My life-long friend, Tammye, joined us on the 24 Day challenge in January. She has been taking face shots to document her story. She has lost 40 lbs and still losing and her fibromylgia symptoms are gone!

Here's her photos....

I never tire of hearing people's AdvoCare success stories and seeing lives transformed. Are you ready to join us in regaining the pep in your step!?

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