Friday, March 16, 2012

Pull up a chair and chat a while...

Sunday Snapshot

Last month I wrote this post about friendship and how we need to be intentional with our relationships. Right after writing that post, I ran into an old friend. We used to have all kinds of adventures when our oldest kids were teeny tinies. We would go shopping,  talk on the phone, we'd take the kids to the park, we'd even paint rooms and complete the occasional craft project, and when there was a prayer need we'd pray a lot too and we'd always, always eat at Chick fil a.

So when I ran into my old friend, we decided it was high time to get together and do something. So She and her oldest and me and my youngest met Friday morning  for breakfast at none other than Truett's Grill aka Chick-fil-A.

We talked and caught up a little. Her oldest girl, who I've known since she was a toddler, was in the high school CORE group that I had the honor of leading for two years. It's wonderful to see what a wonderful, beautiful spiritual girl she has become.

As I wrote in my friendship post, I said, I have a camera in my purse, so get ready to say cheese. It's funny that all that time we spent together when our kids were younger, we didn't have a single photo of any of those memories. I have learned my lesson, I always carry a camera in my purse. SO, we had one of the Chick fil a workers to snap a few photos. It was his pleasure!!

 Jolie, me, Kara, Christy posing in front of the old timey car in the lobby.
             The sunshine was bright so we turned around and stood in front of the trolley.
 Chick-fil-A ...I could eat there 7 times a day...isn't that what Tim Hawkins says?...well, at least I could eat there once or twice a day...maybe not 7. lol
Jolie poses in the Phone booth in the lobby.
Talking on the phone, where's the texting capabilities on this phone!? lol
Back when Christy's kids and my kids were little, we had our first cell phones, huge big things that could not fit in a pocket, and such bad reception. I even remember when we both had pagers; we thought we were something, with those pagers attached to one hip and a baby attached to the other hip.
So glad we were able to make a little time and catch up!
Getting together with friends is always a blessing!

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