Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hate fat photos

I hate fat photos. 
I usually hit the delete button for my fat photos.
But I share this one today. This photo was snapped on Thanksgiving Day 2011, the day before my family and I started on
This is me today!
I've lost some lbs. and inches and feel awesome.
I am still working  toward my weight loss and fitness goals
I keep charting my progress, because
if there are others out there with the
fluffy problem, I want them to know there's hope.

If you're local, come to my AdvoCare mixer on Thursday night and learn more about what we are doing.
If you're not local and you have questions, email me.


  1. You are amazing and beautiful!!! Yay to feeling better!!! XO

  2. You are looking GREAT! And I bet you feel wonderful. Press on, my friend.


  3. You are ALWAYS beautiful inside and out, whether "fluffy" or not! I would love to come to your mixer, I'm just not sure if I will be able to get off work on time. Hope to see you!

  4. Your success is encouraging!! You look happy and healthy!


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