Friday, February 10, 2012

#3 is Back

The #3 is back, in racing that is. I've never been much of a race fan, but I sure have one little boy that is, and his fever for the sport has rubbed off on the other boys in the family and now everyone is hooked. The boys in my family says there's nothing like hearing the rumble  of the engines or the smell of those fumes at a NASCAR race.

The  #3 car was made  famous by Dale Earnhart. The #3 is coming out of retirement this year, an AdvoCare is one of the sponsors.

Karl, Zach, and Shek went to see the bus last night at an AdvoCare meeting, and Karl stayed to listen to Rick Loy speak. He came home quite motivated and fired up. Here's some photos of the bus that is currently on a tour across America re introducing #3 car back into racing.

my boy by the bus
the power of 3
handing out spark samples

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