Monday, February 6, 2012

a pinch and a pinch and it's 'ober'

Karlie and I have been talking to Jolie about getting some earrings. She had been saying yes she wanted some earrings. And for weeks, I've been saying we would have to go get them pierced so the earrings would stay in. I would put my fingers on her little earlobe and say it's a pinch and a pinch and it's over. She would see other little girls' with their ears pierced with cute little earrings and I think she was ready. So I told her on Saturday we would go.  After breakfast  on Saturday, I told dad that we wanted to go and get Jolie's ears pierced. He raised his eyebrows and said to Jolie are you sure you want to go do that in which she replied in a COMPLETE sentence no less, Uh's a pinch and a pinch and it's ober, and she said that twice and threw up her hands as if to say no big deal. Dad said I don't think I want to go watch that. I reminded him that sometimes, she wants him when I'm brushing the tangles out of her hair, and that he might need to come just to help me. In case the pinch and the pinch was more than she was expecting. He asked her, Jolie do you want me to go with you to get your ears pierced? She said yes!  Actually, the whole family went, all 6 of is. Some of the sibs got a little squeamish about seeing it, and they decided to look at the stuff in the store.

 Getting ready to go...excited that Daddy is going too.
Sitting in the earring chair...I have a sucker ready. I read about the lollipop trick from hoot's momma. As soon as we sat her in the chair, the waterworks turned on. I had to give her the lollipop earlier than I anticipated. 
She got to pick her earrings. Back in the 1900's when I had mine pierced, it was gold little studs no other choice. She picked the Hello Kitty earrings. Aren't they precious?
There's the waterworks, just after picking the earrings...I am trying to assure her that all will be fine.
Daddy holds her hand.
Daddy holds her hand, and her blanket, mine, is not too far away either.
 The Manager came to put the dots on Jolie's ears. She said she was very particular about getting them straight and she actually wiped them off twice and did it again to get it just right. Notice, Jolie is already having a lollipop and we have not even got to the piercing yet.
 That eye on the poster is rather eerie. 
Waa Laa...the dots are even.
 ready set go...
One big pinch and 
 it's ober
 She liked her sticker...
 cute little hello kitty earrings...

All happy now...
Then we went to grab a bite to eat.
My gorgeous Karlie poses at the lunch table.
two bros..

WE had a fun family Saturday. Ear piercing, lunch grabbing, just hanging out as a was a good day.


  1. My girls are not ready yet. We'll give it another year or so. They just aren't that tough. Jolie seems to have done just fine!

  2. Oh how sweet! I love the Hello Kitty choice! You and Karl have such a beautiful family! I love that every one decided to go be supportive. :)

  3. I can't wait to show Aaron this post. I've been wanting to get Emmy's ears pierced since we got home from China. She points to my ears and then points to her own. She even tries to put mind in her ears. But, so far Aaron has not relented to letting us do it. Maybe knowing Emmy's birthday/Hubei buddy has them done will prompt him to change his mind :0)

  4. Yeah!!!!! Jolie is such a big, big girl!!!!!!! And those earrings are adorable!! She was so brave!!

  5. By the way - I got my SPARK yesterday!!!!!!!! I am waiting to get my new groceries (salads, baby!!) so I can have at least two good weeks of eating right, exercising and my SPARK!

    Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to try advocate in this tiring season of my life :)

    1. Let me know how you like the Spark...I love how it gives me a that boost of energy and 'mental focus' with out a crash later in the day...


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