Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Maybe, just maybe...I have lost some weight.

While looking through some photos on the computer today, I came across this one:
This is a photo of my friends Joni, Lorene and me. We are all homeschool moms, and Lorene was about to move out of the USA, her hubby is in the army. She is also a fellow adoptive mom. She adopted her youngest son in China several years ago. This photo was taken this past summer and I look quite fluffy here.
I am less fluffy here
I remember how I felt in that June photo too, miserable, I feel worlds better now.
Thanks to the Lord for sending AdvoCare into our lives to help get us 
back on track.
It's an amazing and fun journey.


  1. Yes, there is a difference. But, I have to admit, that I love the "fluffy" adjective. I'm still a little "fluffy" myself.

  2. I also laughed when I read "fluffy". BUt I think that you are looking great. And it is even better that you FEEL good. 加油! (or in other words, Go!)



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