Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart day Ramblings

Yesterday was Valentines day. I have always loved Valentine's Day. I remember that Valentines Day was always the best in elementary school. BECAUSE we made those sweet little Valentine mail boxes, we had a valentine party at the end of the day and everyone would bring their teacher a valentine heart wrapped in red cellophane.

 AND we'd munch on those little candy hearts with the messages on them. I would lay awake the night before in anticipation for the Valentine's school party.

Then Junior high came and the fun was just zapped right out of the holiday...gone was the day of sweet little Valentines for everyone in the it was time for student council to sell carnations, white for friendship, pink for secret admirer and red for love...and this went on thru high school..and then there were the serious couples, the guy would send huge floral arrangements with balloons to the school office for his girl...depressing, simply depressing for the rest of us

So in my memory...elementary valentines were the bomb...upper school not so much.

But once I was in college and had a love know that guy sitting across from me in this living room, well,  Valentines Day finally became special again because I would get flowers and  mushy stuff like that, it was no longer the single awareness day that so many people call it today.
retro us

I remember once when we were first married, it was Valentines Day and my doorbell rang, I looked out the window and what did I see, a florist, standing on my stoop with a beautiful vase of heart skipped a beat...I couldn't believe he had sent roses, delivered flowers back then would have been way to I yanked open the door and would you believe it, he had the wrong house, he was asking for directions, yep those flowers were for my next door neighbor. LOL...talking about disappointing!

Anyway, little presents/gifts are really not my love language. I did tell my hubby though that even though little presents are not my love language there are a few times during the year, that a little something is nice, Valentines being one of them, and yesterday, actually the day before yesterday he surprised me with tulips, my favorite...and then yesterday with a card too..
My tulips

The kids got a variety of goodies and candy, and have enjoyed the abundance of chocolate in the house.

I hope everyone reading my heart day rambles had a very happy valentines day this year.


  1. Awww, sweet tulips <3
    We don't make a big fuss over the day (prob still tired from all the b-days & special days of Dec & Jan, lol), but yesterday I brought home candy for the kids, made yummy food and baked brownies and a cake, too. I think the kids miss their school days on days like Valentine's, so it was fun to spoil them with goodies.
    In Finland where I grew up we celebrate friends-day on 2/14, which makes it more fun for every one.

    1. friends day sounds even better...i like that!!!

  2. What beautiful tulips! Those are one of my favorite flowers as well.

    Sounds like you had a great day! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. was a fun day...i just dipped into the kidddos chocolate too many times. Oops! LOL

  3. tuplis! gorgeous!! Also love the retro picture!!!!


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