Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our life as the Disney Princesses continues...

Jolie has a thing about the Disney Princesses, as you may remember from this post. Yesterday, at the end of speech, it was sticker time. Jolie was delighted when Ms. Jennifer announced that she had new stickers...And the new stickers are none other than Disney Princesses. So Jolie picked two stickers and she slapped one on my sweater as we left, pointing to it and telling me that the picture was me. YEP, she is still saying that Cinderella is her momma.

Here's my sticker. 
I placed it on my steering wheel.
It will be my daily reminder that
my baby girl thinks
her momma is 
a beautiful princess....and she thinks I am favorite.
After all, like I have said before, I am a child of the KING...and you know what else, my hubby is
 Prince Charming too.

Last night, on the way to a meeting, Prince Charming, I mean, Karl started to take my beautiful sticker off the steering wheel of my carriage, in which I said No, you can't take it off. And then I told him the whole story. AND my sticker is still on the wheel.

On another note...still about Disney Princesses, the kids and I had an adventure at the bookstore earlier this week. We had gone to the store to get Honey a Kindle Fire. I was hoping to get it at the bookstore so I could use my discount card, and save her a few bucks, but the bookstore only had nooks, and she did not want a nook. Before we went to the next store the kids wanted to look around at the books, probably just wanted to kill a little more time before coming home to finish up their school work, but I let them look for a few minutes anyway.  Jolie spotted the Valentines book display and the Disney princess sticker book caught her eye. It's amazing how those stores put everything on the eye level of my two year old. Marketing I guess.

Well, anyway, while we were oohing and ahhing over the sticker book and elderly Asian man appeared...looked right at Jolie and threw his arms open and said, "I've finally found you!" She just looked at him nonchalantly and said "Hey"...and never gave him another thought or look...then I looked at him-- I am sure with a quizzical look...I'm known for speaking with my eyes, and facial expressions before I ever say a word!" And I might have gave him a "what for" look. Then he looks at me and says "hmmmmmm?" and he walks on, without another word or explanation.

I was a little freaked....because he was Asian, she was Asian...and I didn't want anyone to think my daughter was his granddaughter or something and that I was the one who didn't belong. The entire exchange was  just BIZARRE, to say the least. So Jolie and I quickly, found Karlie and Shek and left the store. I didn't let Jolie out of my sight, I don't ever let her out of my sight, but I was even extra hawk-eyed!  Later, I thought, maybe, he was quoting some book or poem that I was not familiar with, but I don't think so! Just another adventure, maybe, he knew, I needed something to blog about! LOL

Stay tuned...the give-a-way winner will be announced later...the princess who draws the name out of the bucket is fast asleep. ...I guess she is sleeping beauty today.


  1. Maybe he saw the sticker book and was saying he had found his princess.. Jolie. Trying to make a joke... sounds like something my Bruce would do.


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