Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Princesses are in the HOUSE

Jolie has a thing about the Disney Princesses. Not that she's really watched one of the movies straight through, yet, but she likes them none the less. She has the princesses on her pullups. There's two designs, one with 3 princesses, and one with just Cinderella. On the pulllups, Cinderella looks to have reddish hair although I thought she was blonde. Anyway, yesterday, during our daily trip to Kroger, or at least it seems like we end up in Kroger daily, she happened to spot the spaghetti o's with who on the label? The princesses! SO she had to have them. Since she loves anything with noodles, I let her get them, although spaghetti o's have never been a family favorite. In fact, when we got to the car, she had to have them out of the bag, she had to hold them in her lap on the way home. Later, we had to take Karlie to the dentist, and would you believe, the can of spaghetti-o's had to come too? I did at least talk her into leaving them in the car before we went inside the dentist office! LOL

It was a late dentist appointment, and we were having our Chinese New Year Celebration, and everyone was coming over. I was busy trying to get those dumplings cooked before everyone arrived...etc etc etc....BUT she was all about eating those spaghetti o's. I told her that we would have them later, because we were about to have some of her favorites, won ton soup, chicken low mein...she wasn't buying it...she wanted them NOW. Somehow we got her distracted. AND I didn't have to serve up a side of spaghetti o's on Chinese New Year.

BUT after Supper, Jolie found her can again and had to show Gam. And this is what we found out!
She had been telling Gam about the Princesses on the can. So I grabbed the camera to document this cute discovery. Come to find out the one on the left is Momma, the one in the middle she says is "ME-uh" meaning her, and the one on the right is Karlie. Well, that would make me Cinderella. That's right folks, I am Cinderella in my daughter's eyes, not bad!....If you remember, Cinderella appears to have reddish hair on her pullups so I can understand her reasoning. AND Cinderella is so slim and beautiful and all...Doesn't she have me pegged? lol The Princess on the right is Belle. Dark long hair...looks just like Karlie, then the one in the middle is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. She picked the darker princess to match her.  Smart cookie isn't she?
We are discovering our celebrity status as Jolie tells Gam who is who.
Here we are pictured on the can, That would be from left to right: Mom, Jolie and Karlie. Are you needing to see some real life princesses...Well come to our house, where the princesses are not just on the can.
We are after all, daughters of the King.


  1. That is amazing and oh-so-cute!! I feel so blessed to have met a real live princess!! What a great story ... I seriously thought you were going to say she expected to find the princesses in the can! I like your story (the real version) much better!

  2. Such a sweet story! Isn't it amazing when we get what our little ones are thinking! And yes, we are daughters of the King!!! Blessings and love! XO


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