Monday, January 2, 2012

A Craig's List Adventure...

Over the weekend, we found a lovely leather couch sectional for sale on Craig's List. So we all took off to the big ATL with the trailer and the guys loaded it up. The lady selling it also had an extra love seat and a chair with an ottoman too. We only got the large sectional and large ottoman.

When we got home both Karl and Zach said we needed a small leather chair like the one the lady had. We went to Ikea and didn't find anything we liked so, while we were buying throw pillows for the new couch, Zach called the lady back to see if the chair was still available.

She said it was, but she couldn't meet us until after her exercise class. We got a call from her as we were on the way to meet her at her house. She said she was having car trouble near her home and could we jump her off. So we met her and jumped her off.
Here's a photo of our popped hood...Karl had to pop the curb to be able to reach the front of her car to jump her off..I told you it was a Craig's List Adventure, but we were glad we could be there to help.

She thought it was more than just a dead battery,and thought it was the alternator...she couldn't even turn her hazards or her headlights on. She hoped to make it to her house, but it completely died at the red light at the bottom of the exit at the red light. We got behind her, and turned on our hazard lights because hers would not work, and Zach called for help...Two police cars, a tow truck, plus a hero unit later, we moved on...she said she'd call when she got home. We were at already about an hour and 1/2 from home so we just waited around the corner at the McDonald's...she called in just a few mins and we saw her car pass on the tow truck. We pulled up moments later, and the guys loaded up the chair.
 Shek and Karlie enjoy  sitting in the new living room with the laptops.
 I love the new pillow from Ikea. I think we may need another large one like the one behind Shek.
 The guys in the family picked out these black and white throw pillows. I think they did a good job. I like them too.
 We picked up the sofa and large ottoman over the weekend. The chair and small ottoman was picked up yesterday on our latest Craig's list adventure. While in the ATL, yesterday we saw lots of college age folks headed to the dome for PASSION. Zach wished he would have taken his dad up on the ticket offer earlier in the year. Oh well, maybe next year.
 Shek, Jolie, and Karlie pose on the new couch.
Karl says that the new chair is his...

We now have a completely new living room look, thanks to Craig's list. The lady still has a love seat that Zach would like to get for his room and to use later for college...but I think he and one of his friends will have to make that trip when he saves up the money and if she still has it! LOL

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