Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let me see what cha got?

Shek is not only the comedian in the family, but he is the sporty one too. He always wants to watch sports on tv, play sports games on the ds, wii...etc. He even commentates everything  in life and I do mean everything. Imagine life with a comedian sports commentator, commentating every detail in daily life. It's funny let me tell ya.  Every year he plays soccer in a church league, and he has played tball before, but it's been awhile since he has played more than one sport in a year. BUT this year, he wanted to give baseball a shot, so we agreed.

Yesterday, was the sports evaluation at the fields. There were all kinds of folks out there, boys, girls and grown ups. There were stressed moms on their cells, telling the dads, "you shoulda been here, to tell him what to do, he has missed every ball!" Then there were moms like me who were freezing, cause we forgot to bring a jacket.   And there were nervous kids hungry kids, impatient kids, and tired kids. There was a lot of nervous energy at the church fields.

 Anyway, there they all stood in the dugout, waiting for their name to be called so that they could show their stuff. I give um all props as they say, because, being a musical person, when I had my tryouts, at least I was evaluated by a couple of band directors in an office with out everyone in the world looking on...Can you imagine?

Anyway, I brought my camera along, because naturally this had all the makings of  a blog post. BUT, my boy, knowing that I brought my camera along, wasn't all grins, smiles and poses. He dodged my few attempts at taking photos. So, being the only momma out there with a camera and not wanting to embarrass my boy anymore than normal....I tried taking photos on the sly....and these are the lovely shots I came home with...some  blurry, but I have them saved for the memories, right? Memories of Shek's 4th grade school year when he was the ripe old age of 10.

" Yes, Momma, I know you have the camera, but I'm not about to look at you."
 Momma says, "Fine, I'll take a picture of your back then!"
 He was wearing his whatever shirt from wildolivetees


Reporting to the coach with the clipboard.
 In the dug out.
 Pitcher's mound

Batter up!
Before too long, we will be hearing, PLAY BALL!

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  1. You could have taken pictures of Skylar for me. ;) I couldn't be there so Savannah took her for me. PLAY BALL!!


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