Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A week of check ups and doctor appointments

Yesterday, Jolie had her 30month checkup at the doctor. She had to get one shot...she cried some, but not as much as usual. I think it helps that Dr. Jattan-Cunningham is a 'girl' and not a man. Jolie is not to hip on men doctors. Can't imagine what kind of bad experiences she must have had in the past.

Any way she was in the 90% for both height and weight and that's on the American chart. Our doctor thinks she is a little bit older than her birthday states. AND when we ask her how old she is she holds up 3 fingers and says 3.

Today, we all had our hair cut. She loves getting her hair cut at Mrs. Gina's. She cried on that very first visit, but since then she can't wait her turn and races to the hair cutting seat. She was admiring herself in the mirror today, and I asked who is that in the mirror? She said, Wem Wem...I said it's Wen Wen? She said yes, Wem Wem. I asked her was her name Jolie too. and she nodded. Wen Wen is her Chinese name, and sometimes we call her that or we totally southernize it and double it up with a Jolie Wen Wen. Her older brother calls her Wen Wen a lot.

Earlier this week, we made the trek to the children's hospital for the BIG speech eval. We already attend speech, but this appointment was with the head honcho. He was a man, very animated, and all...and JOLIE didn't like it one bit...cried, turned her face...and would not say any words for him into the computer...(SHE had just sang the Casting Crown Song Holy spirit breathe on  me...) don't know if that's the official title) but she had been singing the chorus of that song all the way to the appointment). She had never sung along with that particular song so we were excited to hear her singing it. BUT then she would not say a word for the DOC. When he stepped out of the room to get something, I bribed her with the treatbox that the doctor already showed her, and she agreed to do it, so the student assistant helped her do it while he was gone. He stepped in the door just as she was finishing with the words he needed her to say. AND he was able to see what he needed and she got a princess wand for doing it.

We've had a week of appointments and still have one more to go on Friday. Jolie needs to have a tooth filled...and she is not happy with the dentist folks messing around in her prayers would be appreciated on Friday at 8am. We have to leave here early to get there at the right time...and we are not morning prayers for that would be great too.


  1. You better believe I will pray about the dentist appt. We had one Monday for EK and SJ to get a little cavity filled and it was awful! They were scared to death and they both needed me... glad that is behind us and praying Jolie does great!!! Blessings and love!!!

    1. thanks for the prayers Sharon...I had to sit on the dentist chair last time for the cleaning to help her feel some better. My mom is going with me this time, she may have to go in the back with us too.


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