Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Be Blessed

Back in the fall, I remember getting an email stating that if I wanted a Baby Be Blessed doll in time for Christmas I had better place an order right I did.

I had long admired the Baby Be Blessed Dolls. I knew that while we were in the adoption process for Jolie,  I wanted her to have one of these special dolls.  I liked how the dolls could be personalized for  your child and could also have a special personalized patch with their name, Bible verse, and a special date. She received her doll this Christmas. Today, I dressed Jolie in her red China dress and took some photos of her and her baby.

 Jolie is wearing her Chinese silks that we purchased in her hometown of Wuhan at The Yellow Crane Tower. She is holding her sweet Baby Be Blessed doll.
Taking care of the baby.
 Aren't they precious, both dressed in red, with lovely black hair and brown eyes?
I love her Chinese dress. We hope we can get several years wear out of it. Right now it's like a dress length, but it can be worn with leggings and be worn as a shirt as she grows.
I am always on the look out for Chinese Baby Dolls...and they are just not in the stores.  I am glad we could personalize the Baby BE blessed doll just for Jolie. However, I did find a Chinese doll in IKEA but Jolie was just not interested in her, she wanted a stuffed dog instead. 
This is the personalized patch on the tummy of Jolie's Doll. We had her entire name placed on the patch along with the Bible verse Deut. 14:2 and We had our Forever Family Date added as well. 
  Sweet Babies
Jolie must really like her baby because she's giving the Baby a thumbs up and a wink!

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  1. What a GREAT idea! They are adorable in their matching dresses. btw, if her Chinese silks ever get too small (if we are still here) I would happily buy you another! Or I could pass along one of my girls' dresses-- we have several. :-)


  2. Those are so cute and so is your daughter. My MIL bought the girls each an Asian doll, but paid over $100 for each of them. They came from Magic Cabin, but are great.

  3. Thanks, Sarah...I may definitely take you up on the Chinese silk offer when Jolie outgrows hers. thanks a bunch!

    Cheri, I will check out the Magic Cabin too. thanks for the info.


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