Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~What! A family requested photo shoot?

You heard right folks! My family requested a photo shoot. It's amazing. As you may have read in the past, my family despises the dreaded family photo, especially when I want one taken on the beach or for the Christmas card, but family has turned over a new leaf and actually wanted to get their photos made! What?!?! I say really! OK! Let's go!

What started the whole desire for photos was, Karlie said she needed a new photo for her facebook profile. Ok! and Karl said he could use a new one too, plus Karl and I both needed new photos together for our Advocare website. And when Shek realized we were headed to the barn he was excited that he could crawl up on the barn roof for a sounded  like and adventure to him. My oldest is away this weekend at a Youth conference in TN, he is a youth worship intern at a church, so he is a chaperone. So he missed out on our family photo taking frenzy. Maybe next time.

I think we got some pretty neat shots.

Daddy and 3 outta 4 of his kiddos...
We got on the shady side of the barn so we could at least try to hold our eyes open without squinting.
Dad and Mom
LOOK! Color coordination! How about that?
Karl liked me on this side, I liked me on the other side, it has something to do with those blonde
Looking toward the house...
Looking toward the bigger barn.
Everyone needs a little sugar...especially this momma!
Ain't he cute?
 I think this will be a nice new fb profile photo for Karlie...
Or this one...
Shek and me
 We are making that huggy noise here.

Shek got his wish...a photo from on top of the barn...
It was a great day for some photos of the family outside by the barns...and everyone remained happy and cooperative through the entire ordeal.
Simply Amazing!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. Great pictures! Our family just had a photo shoot too:)


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