Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You've all heard me mention the wonderful Advocare products that my family an I  have incorporated into our lives. Right after Thanksgiving, my hubby, my oldest son, and I tried the 24 day challenge. We've all lost weight and inches. We are continuing to use the MNS-C that we used during the challenge, as well as spark and a few other products from the slim line.  We love the energy that we now have...and the inches and pounds are on the way out.

I titled this post URGENT, because the 24 Day Challenge will only be on sale for just a few more days. You can save $20 by acting fast. If you have thought about trying the Advocare 24 day Challenge, why wait any longer...

Order yours today...I'd love to help you get started! For an even bigger discount, sign up as a distributor or adviser. That's what we did...we signed on as distributors because we believe that much in the products.

Remember the last day to get the 24 day challenge on SALE is Jan 17th...so act fast!

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