Saturday, January 14, 2012

the shekster...

My 3rd born son, Shek, is the comedian of the family. He keeps us doubled over in laughter all the time. And he loves making us laugh! He is also the residential weatherman and sports commentator as well. Sometimes, while he plays his video games, he commentates as he plays. It's quite entertaining to see and hear. So maybe one day he'll be in broadcasting, reporting the weather, the sports, telling jokes, but no matter what he does he will probably make folks laugh while he does it.

See! Isn't that the face of a comedian in training?
Here's another photo of someone cutting up for the camera, followed by a, "Mom, don't post that!"
Shek! my sweet boy...he's one of my favorite kids...I have 4 favorites, ya know!?


  1. I have one of those too, lol! Mr T is our comedian:)

  2. What is it about the 3rd? My third is also our comedian! And I too have 3 favourites!


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