Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~generation baby doll

On Friday, Jolie saw two girls holding their Christmas presents. They were holding cabbage patch dolls that their grandparents had gotten for them at the Baby Land General Hospital. AND Jolie wanted one of their babies. I was surprised. The mom of the girls and I had a conversation about how long the cabbage patch babies had been around. I mentioned that I received one when I was a senior in High School. The cabbage patch dolls were the rage that year, similar to the Tickle Me Elmo in recent years.

Last night, while tucking Shek  into bed, Jolie was getting into all of his stuff. He didn't like that, so I said to Jolie to go into Karlie's room that she might have a doll that she could look at. In a few minutes, Jolie came back holding my old Cabbage Patch doll from 25 ish years ago. I had given it to Karlie years ago, and she had the baby and some old toys stored in her window seat storage cabinet.
Jolie was excited to have one  of those cabbage patch dolls. Karlie even found an old doll blanket that is similar to Jolie's "mine".

I even remembered the baby's official name off of her birth certificate: Jamie Hettie

Here's a photo of the signed hiney...see the year? it's '84!! 
Singing "Jesus loves me" to her baby.

Jolie sings "Jesus loves me" 10 sec. video...

The Jamie Hettie doll has been around for a while. This is me with her Christmas 1984!
I hope Jamie Hettie provides many more years of enjoyment in the lives of the little girls in our family.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Gosh, I remember the Cabbage Patch craze! I never had one, but G got one for Christmas one year--Tara Megan is her name. It's so sweet to be able to pass a doll down, isn't it? We did that last year for Christmas.

  2. That is a very sweet post!!! Such a blessing that your cabbage baby is making your real baby so happy! Love it!!! XO


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