Monday, January 16, 2012

My Sweet Hubby

God blessed me with the best hubby ever...I know everyone says that about their hubby, but I speak the truth.  This June we will celebrate 22 years of wedded bliss~we dated 5 years before that. Since we got married when we were 22 and 23 years old...we've been together more than we've been apart when you count the courting days. 

We had our pictures made the other day. Most of them were taken by Karlie and Shek, but the photos of just Karl were taken by me, his sweet wife. Here's some of just Karl.

I am thinking he rocks the bald head and the denim jacket...he's one cool dude, cool daddy, cool hubby.
We are blessed.


  1. My hubby rocked the bald head too - and looked TERRIFIC in the denim jackets! He was always cool to me. <3 Congratulations on your long love and life together - I hope you are even HALF as happy as my hubby and I were until he died! May the Lord bless you and your marriage and your family and your relationships with each other and everyone else. Hugs!!

  2. Aww! He looks like a big ol' teddy bear! Lucky you!

  3. it's great to have a hubby like that :) great to have someone that you are still happy after 22 years!!


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