Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little girls and lipstick...

The girls at my house like make-up. Jolie watches Karlie and me apply all of our lipstick, moisturizers and such and wants to do it all too. Sometimes she does her make-up all by herself.  I caught her yesterday, sitting at the mirror in my bathroom, in my makeup bag, applying away. I grabbed my camera...and took a few photos. Karlie and I wonder why we keep losing our makeup, we find it in the oddest places around the house...because Jolie has been using it....

 Jolie sits in the makeup chair that was in Honey's old house. I remember Honey sitting in this same chair getting ready to go to town to run errands when I was a girl. When Honey sold her house and moved here, she gave me her makeup chair. Sweet memories it has.
 everyone needs a little blush

 I think lipstick is Jolie's favorite makeup of choice.
 Sweet reflection...
A little  lipstick coloring outside the lines... 
Sugar and spice and everything nice, a little lipstick
 and little girls...gotta love it.

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