Friday, January 6, 2012

Pickin' Pecans with the GP's (grandparents)

With pecans reaching the high price of 11 bucks a lb. we are glad that there's a few pecan trees around here. My folks have been picking pecans every chance they can, today, we joined in...and while we picked up the massive amounts of pecans on the ground, I thought, This would make a great blog post. So, I had Gam call to the house to have Karlie (who opted out of the adventure) to bring me the camera.
Several pecan trees are near our house. This year the crop was better than ever.
 Whoever invented the pecan picker upper, should get a gold star for this awesome invention.
She was singing "Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier". She sings while she works. It's so sweet.
Pouring Pecans into the 5 gallon bucket.
 Pop had been picking up pecans a good while before we came home from fine arts day and joined in.
 Pecans Pecans Pecans...they're everywhere...they're everywhere...
Gam gives Jolie a handful of pecans.
 Shek enjoys throwing big sticks up into the tree to make more pecans fall.
It's raining pecans...
 The kitty cat joins in the fun. No, he didn't help pick up pecans, he was just there for the fellowship.

 That bucket is getting full.
He's all about the fellowship!
My sweet pecan pickin' babies...
 Jolie liked getting pop's pecans and taking them back to the big bucket.
Working Hard!
 I worked a little bit, when I wasn't documenting the event! ;) Why does my photo cropping program have red eye repair and not fever blister repair? ;)
Gam aka my momma
You've got to taste a few to make sure that they're good, right?
Barn across the street.
Barn in the front yard...we like to pretend we live on a farm.
When it was all said and done...there was over 5 gallons of pecans picked up today. I am glad that Gam and Pop are taking them somewhere to be shelled...we remember the days of sitting with a bucket of cracked pecans and picked out the shell and stuff.
Pecans...ummm ummm good...

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  1. We know all about pecan gathering~ hard work really. My dad picks and picks and picks them up. He has them cracked and then picks them out. He has sold many bags full this season too. LOVE all your photos of such a great family experience!!! XO


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