Wednesday, January 4, 2012

School is in

Our One Room School House is back in session.

Shek and I love doing unit studies. We especially love Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. We love to do her down load and go studies. Always around Christmas she has a big sale. Last year, we bought a lot of her geography sets, and Shek and I did China before we left to get Jolie in February. Just this week, we purchased several more that Shek has been wanting to do for school. We started off this semester studying about Davy Crockett. So far it's been quite interesting.
 Shek and I learned about Davy's tall tales. Today, he had to write his own tall tale about himself. He was quite proud of his story.
Our little helper has the computer plug...
Shek's tall tale had something to do with an encounter at the barn with a bull and a chainsaw. Sounds pretty exciting doesn't it?
When Jolie wasn't supervising the other students, she was packing around her new Candy Land game and opening it and playing with it.
 Karlie worked on her English grammar work and Literature assignment while Shek was learning about Davy Crockett. Here's Jolie going over her Literature story with her! LOL
While Karlie and I go over Literature, Shek goes upstairs to do his Math using Teaching Textbooks. I love helping my kids with their school work, but Math--that's a different story. If I am going to get aggravated or lose my temper it's during math, but Teaching Textbooks takes away some of my math stress
Karlie does her health class on the computer. She starts back with her NCCA classes next week, and Fine Arts classes start on Friday. 
Christmas Break, you went by too fast for this Homeschool Mama!

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  1. Happy homeschooling!!! Looks like you all have it going perfectly! And I loved Jolie's baby! Our little got Baby Be Blessed animals for Christmas. They sleep with them every night!!! Blessings and love!!! XOXO


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