Monday, January 2, 2012


My new year's resolutions...ah ya say, Who cares? Cause who keeps their resolutions goals anyway?

This year, my resolutions are:

1. To of course lose some weight and exercise more. AND with our advocare products, I think that will help immensely with that goal.

2. My other goal is to do a blog post everyday or at least as much as possible anyway. 

3. I also want to read my Bible everyday, and read it thru in one year.

 Yesterday, our pastor told us how he signed up online to receive an email with the actual Bible passage in the email. So I did it too, did you know it even has an option on the email to "listen" I can actually have someone read it to me. BUT the reader sounded almost monotone, and I thought I would just stick to reading it myself. This is the website, I went to and signed up for the daily reading. I chose to read it chronologically.

Those resolutions or should I say goals should keep my busy during the 2012 year.


  1. GREAT resolutions!!! Love the daily reading website you shared!!! Blessings and love for 2012!! XO

  2. Love your your resolutions...! Also, BibleGateway has a "read the Bible through in one year" where you get the text in an email as well. I've already made it through the first two days! (don't laugh, it's longer than some of my resolutions have lasted!)

    Marty Connerly


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