Saturday, January 7, 2012

Candy Land

Candy Land!

Jolie was introduced to Candy Land at Speech. AND everytime we passed the game CANDY LAND in the store...she would get so excited. It was like she had CANDY LAND radar or something. The game is even in KROGER...there was no escaping CANDY LAND. So, Zach got her one for Christmas. AND I do believe it is her favorite Christmas gift ever.

She wants to hold the box and walk around with it, and then she wants to open it and play with all the game parts.

Candy Land!

Today, we thought we'd play a little game with Jolie, but Jolie plays by her own rules!
The willing participants? Don't they look so very excited?
Jolie likes to be in charge of the card stack...Karlie thinks it's funny.
She's pretty excited about passing out the cards.
 Look at the excitement in Karlie's face...Candy Land, used to be one of her favorites too...used to be!
 Candy Land is so fun.
 She's so serious with her cards and candy land figures...however, she does want to take all the turns.
She finally put up the game, and started telling me how old she was. She keeps telling me she's 3, I really think she probably is, but when she's my age, she'll appreciate that younger age! 

Maybe soon, we'll play and finish the game according to the rules, but it really doesn't matter, Jolie's rules  are more fun...and she is learning her colors, numbers and it's great for speech.


  1. You're right~ who cares about the rules when everyone is having fun!!! XO

  2. Oh, we played many a game of Candyland. The rules changed every time! I thought our game looked "new and improved" but looks like they did it again, especially with the people! :)


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