Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't mess with my Mayberry

If you read my about me page on the blog, you know that I grew up in a small town similar to Mayberry.  I live in a lot larger town now than I did back then, but I know it has it's Mayberry roots. However, my Mayberry rural setting was disturbed yesterday. 
Yesterday, my hubby had gone a quick errand at around 5:15 in the afternoon. He left in his truck, leaving mine in the garage, the garage door was up and the back door unlocked. The kids were watching tv on the sofa, and the baby was asleep on the sofa in between Shek and Karlie. I was in my bedroom just a few feet away from them, when I heard the door chime sound. 

We have our doors hooked up to the security system to chime when someone opens a door even if the alarm system is not engaged. I assumed the door chime was just Karl coming home, but then I heard a voice in my kitchen asking for a Jolyetta...the voice sounded male, and did not sound like my husband or anyone I knew...I came out of my room greeted by a frightened Shek. Karlie said,"There's someone in the house with us. I went toward the kitchen where I heard the voice. Shek said she went outside. I went into the garage where a African American Lady was getting back into her white jaguar telling me that she was at the wrong house. That she was looking for a Jolyetta and  that she was told to come to the house with the garage lid up with a red truck parked inside.
FOLKS, I wasn't born yesterday...this sounded a little too fishy to me. When I go to a house I have never been to, I never just walk in without a knock.
My hubby drove up just as she was leaving...she offered her apologies to him as well. When he got in I told him the rest of the story. We were a little freaked. I posted it on Facebook to warn my friends in the area of our encounter. Someone saw my post, and would you believe it...the lady hit two more houses in the area. She didn't walk in their homes, but she went there looking for someone...she asked for two different names at their homes. Since we all had bizarre encounters with the same lady within a few minutes of each other. We called the police and filed a police report.
The Police officer told me that it was called Criminal Trespassing since she walked in my house. I am thanking the Lord for HIS hedge of Protection over my family and home. I pray that this lady will move on away from our area.

Shazzam..and GOOOOLLLY!
LEAVE my Mayberry Lifestyle alone.
*photos from around the web...The andy Griffith show


  1. Wow, that would have frightened me! But, yes, it does sound suspicious. I'm glad everyone is fine.

  2. That lady was scoping things out to see which houses are good to hit for a robbery, see if there is an alarm system, have electronics, stuff in the garage that could be sold and pawned. She goes back and tells her thug buddies and they go on a spree hitting houses that are the easiest
    Who walks into a strangers house - no one unless they want a butt full of buckshot! I grew up in small town south Ga with unlocked doors and kids running all over the place until the sun went down. And now I live in ATL - it has ruined me...I want to move back to the country!!!


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