Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forever and Ever AMEN

One year ago this very day, Baby Girl was placed in our arms, and my blog  count hit an all time high that day.
Jolie arrives at the civil affairs office this time last year.
Her first impressions of the whole ordeal...
Our Guide Christine tries to comfort her.
Sill upset...
but Karl is the baby whisperer, and she quickly calmed down with him.
This photo was snapped the next day at the official adoption paper signing...she was blowing kisses to everyone, and was very happy. This is my favorite photo of adoption day. We both were joyful here and our hearts were captured on film. 

1 year later!
WOW! How she has grown! I can't believe it's been a year! Jolie has bonded well with our family it's if she has been here all along. We can't imagine life with out her in it. She is quite the social butterfly and knows how to work a room. She loves to go to church and learn about Jesus.  IF she has to miss church, because she has a cold, or something she cries and cries. I am glad she is delighted to go to church. She sings Jesus loves me all the time, afterall that was the first English song she heard as Karl sang this to her every night as she went to sleep. She goes to speech 2 x a week, she's had her palate repaired. She is speaking English words right and left, she holds up 3 fingers to tell how old she is, I always remind her that she's only 2 1/2, don't rush it. We talk of China, she calls it Tinna, she watches little youtube videos of the 4 princesses, (girls singing  songs in Chinese). We enjoy looking at her China pictures, I tell her that we came to China because we are her parents and her foster family took care of her until we could get there.

She has learned to pose, and if she finds something in the store she wants she stands by it and smiles similar to a Price is Right model..It's quite cute. 
She's big on giving and getting kisses and hugs
Sister love
Jolie loves to share your supper especially if your name is Zach!
Momma love
momma and 2 out 4 babies
Dad with 3 out of 4 kiddos

I end this post with a line from the old Randy Travis Hit  and a quote from Love you forever,
To our kids:
 "I'll (we'll) love you forever and ever amen!"

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my bab(ies) you'll be."
Happy Forever Family Day, Baby Girl! 


  1. I just love the resilience of these children! She looks so different on day 2 than day 1.

  2. A YEAR already!?!?! Where has the time gone! :) She's such a sweetie!!!

  3. wow! she has grown! It's amazing what can happen in a year!

  4. WooHoo!! Happy one year anniversary!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day!!! She is such a treasure<3

  6. It's so hard to look at those first day pictures - It reminds me of watching my sick child get a shot of antibiotics, knowing they were too little to understand how beneficial a thing it was for them. Soon enough, things start to turn around, but in that moment, everyone's hearts ache. I know you know that our hearts were aching for you wanting those first days to pass quickly. Happy Forever Anniversary!!

  7. Happy Jolie day~ such a precious baby!!! XO

  8. Happy Forever Family Day! It is so exciting, I am so glad God brought you together! She is adorable and I have enjoyed watching you all grow as a family over the past year! Have a great day and I can't wait to hear how you celebrated!

    Lots of Love,
    Shannon, Robert, Chelsea and Katelyn

  9. We had chick fil a for lunch and Dad brought Shane's home for supper. We tonight at supper Karl told Jolie that today was a special day because a year ago today, we came to China to get her. She replied, quite seriously over and over again, "Thanks momma, thanks momma gettin' me!" Melts our hearts with a little lump in the throat.


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