Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, on June 16th, I married the sweetest man alive, Karl Berry! Every year we try to do something special for our anniversary. We used to eat at Red Lobster every year, because that's where we ate on our honeymoon. Then we usually take an anniversary trip on as many years as we can...on our 10th we ate at BONES a wonderful reservation only la di da place in Atlanta and Karl gave me an anniversary band WOOHOO! On the 20th...well...we are working on  China SN adoption! But we are taking a mini-anniversary trip some time this summer and we are going to see Little House on the Prairie at the FOX this Friday (starring Melissa Gilbert, as MA!) I can't wait! But tonight, on our actual anniversary, we are going to choir practice and to a meeting for our oldest's upcoming church youth trip....LOL
Here we all are! I had chosen "shades of pink" for my bridesmaids colors and then I saw Steel Magnolias. This was when blue and mauve were the wedding china is even blue and mauve...doesn't match well in my RED dining
Here's all my bridesmaids...we all live all over the Southeast, but we keep in touch through facebook. And my flower girl...she got married last summer...YIKES! My how time flies.

                                                               We had the best cake evah! Notice the "shades of pink" in the reception area too....No there was not an armadillo groom's cake...although red velvet is one of our favorites..

Here we are with our parents...My eyes looked bugged out...I always have a problem with I was trying to keep them open and not ruin my wedding photos. LOL And my brother-in-law, bless his heart, said some of your photos look like you have your eyes bugged out....God bless him...

Here we are with Bro. Bob. He was my pastor from age 13 till Karl and I moved to Georgia. He's a very special pastor. And thanks again to facebook...I can keep up with him again.

Here's one of those double exposed photos of yester year...Why didn't I do my nails?

Here I am with my beautiful puffed sleeves...Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables had nothing on me.

Here we are: Mr. and Mrs....all those years of doodling his name with mine finally came true that day.

And here we are today...20 years, and 3 kids later...No, we haven't changed a bit....just give me some puffed sleeves and I'll show ya! LOL

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